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BTB-200A Cellophane Wrapping Machine
This machine is widely applicable to the automatic film packaging (with gold tear tape) of various single boxed articles. With new-type of double safeguard, no need to stop the machine, other spare parts will not be damaged when the machine runs out of step.
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Product Overview
It's mainly applicable to the over wrapping of tobacco industry, pharmaceuticals industry, food industry and printing industry. 
Machine Details:  
Technical Parameter
Packing Material: BOPP film and gold tear tape
Packing Speed: 40~80 packs/min
Packing Size: L(25~240)*W(15~120)*H(8~60)mm
Electric Supply Power: 220V 50Hz 5kw
Weight: 500kg
Overall Dimensions: (L)2000*(W)700*(H)1400mm
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