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Wet Tissue Packing Machine
Can be automatically completed: wet towel folding, internal and external liquid, slicing, bag making, sealing, counting, batch number, finished product output and other special functions, effectively avoiding the secondary pollution of wet wipes in the packaging process.The compact, generous and safe machine is the first choice for wet wipes packaging.
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Product Overview

This machine is designed for 1-10 pcs wet wipe tissue packing. Adopts vertically folding, with feeding film underneath, Fast and Stable operation.


The machine is easy to operate, Utilizes a servo motor and a PLC touch panel, for configuring machine parameters. (ie. temperature, packing speed and tissues length etc.)

wipes folding , wipes cutting, medicine liquid adding, wipes slitting, bag forming, bag sealing, bag counting, date printing (optional) , finished product conveyor output(optional) .
Technical Parameter
Production speed 80 ~ 200 packs / min (depending on the length and composition of the wipes)
Packing size Max. 190×110×40mm Adjust as needed
Packaging material Polyethylene/polypropylene Composite film Aluminized film, etc.
Packaging film width 80 ~ 260mm (depending on the thickness of the package)
Dosing range 0~10ml
Dimensions 2600 × 1480 × 1500mm
Machine weight 750kg
Power supply 220V 55Hz 2.4Kw
Outer diameter of packaging material Wet film roll φ1500mm Packaging film roll φ300mm (maximum size)
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